Kwatsi Bay Marina for sale - $224,000

Kwatsi Bay Marina for sale - $224,000

Kwatsi Bay Marina for sale - $224,000Kwatsi Bay Marina for sale - $224,000

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Kwatsi Bay Marina is located off Tribune Channel on the edge of the Broughton Archipelago, in the Great Bear Rainforest  of  British Columbia. Towering granite mountains and breathtaking waterfalls make Kwatsi Bay one of the most spectacular stops on the Pacific West Coast.

About Us

Our story in the Broughtons started with a job interview... When Max was hired to teach at the remote one room school in Echo Bay, he flew out to meet the students and parents. He recalls how he fell in love with the Broughtons when the helicopter pilot had to swerve for an eagle. Max taught at the school for a number of years. We left to manage the Scott Cove salmon hatchery, a project largely run by volunteers. The aim of the hatchery is to enhance the salmon runs in areas which have been damaged by logging. During the five years we managed the hatchery we outplanted almost one million Coho fry. Our family of two had grown to four and we were bursting out of our small floathouse. In August of 1995 we towed that floathouse to an empty Kwatsi Bay with the hope of building a larger house on shore. Since then we have slowly built a house, marina, store and cabin.  Our children grew up with bears, mink and otters as their neighbours. We feel that our love for Kwatsi Bay is best expressed by caring for it in the best way we can. Our hope is that you will also fall in love with the towering granite walls, the many waterfalls and the quiet of Kwatsi Bay.

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Kwatsi Bay Marina

Postal address: Box 265 Sointula, BC V0N 3E0 British Columbia, Canada

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